10 Ways to Avoid the Serious Complications of High Blood Pressure

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Checking high boold pressure

Many people think that high blood pressure is a condition that affects mainly older people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Generally speaking, high blood pressure can strike anyone, at any age. However, if you have reached a certain age, your risk of high blood pressure increases dramatically. That’s why it is very important to regularly monitor your blood pressure.

Repeated episodes of high blood pressure can make the condition even more serious. That’s why it is very important to stop a potentially dangerous high blood pressure from becoming a reality. Here are some ways to help you.

  1. Know the risk factors

There are certain lifestyle factors that significantly increase the risk of high blood pressure. In order to control it, you need to alter your lifestyle in such a way that you are able to lower the risk of such problems. The good news is that you can easily do this even if you do not have high blood pressure on the whole.

First of all, if you are obese, you have to lose weight. Being overweight greatly increases your chances of developing high blood pressure. It is also highly important to control other major lifestyle factors such as your level of alcohol intake, your level of physical activity, your consumption of salt and so on.

  1. Regularly check your blood pressure

Most people who regularly check their blood pressure may notice a change within a few weeks. Those who have already reached a certain point of high blood pressure may have to take even further measures to control it.

  1. A healthy diet

You need to eat foods that are healthy. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Unsaturated fats such as canola oil should also be used as a supplement. On the whole, you should get about five portions of fruits and vegetables per day. Your consumption of protein should be complete.

  1. Regular exercise

One of the major causes of high blood pressure is the sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, you need to exercise regularly. Go for regular walkouts at your local park or sack up the kids in the sack and go for a neighborhood walk. If you are a Bes cher bypasser, exercisements at the gymnasium. You can combine regular exercise with playing a sport or doing some aerobic dance class.

Here are a few tips to help you meet your targets:

  1. Your body type

Are you an ectomorph, an endomorph or ectbrush to some sweets?2. How much body fat you have

Body fat percentage is a way of measuring how healthy you are as a person.

  1. Blood pressure

This is a measure of how hypertension is affecting you.

  1. Diabetes

If you are 25 or above and you notice an increase in your blood sugar level3.aca or above.4. employ

If you notice a symptom like dizziness, confusion, swollen face, tongue can assume so many medical conditions. In such circumstances,7. Have your self checked for all the major illnesses from the pollen and food.

These are a few major causes of high blood pressure. In view of such discouraging factors, Here I offer you simple set of rules, which can help you control your high blood pressure condition.

  1. Thoughtfully enjoy, talk, and laugh Always try and keep yourself happy even when you are having a bad day.4. Exercise regularly

These fit into the next tip.

  1. Proper diet and nutrition

You need to supply your body with proper nutrition and increase intake of foods that are cholesterol free and help to control weight.5. Physical activity

You need to be active. When you are old, you will experience different kinds of physical activity depending upon your condition. For instance, if you are a male you will be more interested in having long term exercises like hitting the gym. If you are a female you will more into activities like gardening, shoe tying etc.

  1. Adequate rest

If you are suffering from low dose of tension, stress and anxiety, you will be satisfied if you are getting enough rest.6. Avoid excessive noise and outdoor activities

outdoor activities and noise can highly influence our order of health and our nervous system. Here noise is one such external factor which can influence our health in a negative manner.

  1. Self care

Always try and set limits for yourself and stay within your limits. Never try and work beyond your limits. Here again it is responsibility of the individual to work within his limits. Excessive work because of an accident or illness does not absolve you from the responsibility of taking care of your health. In fact the accident or illness could have been avoided by proper care and rest.

Following tips like these will help you to avoid illnesses and keep your health strong by working within your limits. Always remember that a healthy person is the key for a productive person.

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